Do you have a new home that needs a fresh layer of grass? Are you dealing with an older lawn that really needs a makeover? We’ve got the solutions. JRH Landscaping offers grading and sod options for just about any lawn. If you’ve ever worked with sod or had to re-grade your property, you know how involved and exhausting the work can be. We are here to get the work done quickly, with excellence, and with no pain on your part.

Sod Installation

Installing new grass is more than unrolling sod and leaving it there. You have to prepare the ground, trim the sod to the correct shape, and minimize the look of lines. At the end of the day, sod is a significant investment, and our experienced team can make sure it has the best chance to thrive gorgeously for years to come. Get in touch with us in Racine to learn more about our sod installation services.

Grading Services

Your property needs to look beautiful while making sure water flows away from your home. Over time, parts of your property can sink and shift, causing flooding issues and landscaping problems. We can bring professionals expertise and tools to your property. We’ll fill in uneven spots and shape your land for optimal beauty and functionality. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you in the Racine area!

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